Maarten van der Wolf - film & concept

I am Maarten, co-initiator of Roof Garden Arnhem, former journalist for online magazine As We Speak and now operating at the Marketing & Communications department for Dutch furniture label De Vorm

Besides my own work I can also do commissioned video productions. Want to get in touch with me? You may transfer me an e-mail and I promise to get back on you soon!


Maarten van der Wolf





De Vorm POD sessions

The POD Sessions is an interview series wherein creators and thinkers share their thoughts on how their work influences our workspace environment and its culture.

In collaboration with What Design Can Do we created this conversations with a.o. CCTV's architect Ole Scheeren, Brazilian master chef Alex Atala and rock 'n roll graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister.

As a project leader I am responsible for the production, second camera, the edit and the distribution.

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UMC Radboud - Puur Lokaal

Commisioned by UMC Radboud and Puur Lokaal this video series about local farmers is made to increase the attention and appreciation for local farmers and their products. Both organisations promote healthy and local food for their clients.

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Casa Foresta

Commisioned by Casa Foresta I followed Edwin Flores during his daily hunt for wild mushrooms. In his workshops he teaches about his experiences and knowledge regarding to wild food picking in the Dutch Veluwe region.

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Vivre Interieur Authentique

Commisioned by Vivre Interieur Authentique I visited the work space of Ebert Roest. Right next to the Industrial orientated boutique this work space is the centre of the company. It's the space where all the magic happens!

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Roof Garden Arnhem

With an enormous amount of positivity, more than a 100 volunteers transformed the highest floor of the mostly empty Rozet parking facility into a public roof garden. The result is a multi disciplinairy playground: an all in one cultural, recreational, agrocultural, creative and sustainable event location.

As co-initiator I was working on the concept, the communications and the overall look and feel. Roof Garden Arnhem is a project by Willem Hofstede, Yosser Dekker and Maarten van der Wolf.

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Ondergronds Arnhem

Online magazine As We Speak finds the way down to the forgotten bunkers, ways and cellars underneath our city Arnhem. Armed with a hand held camera and a flash light we're trying to chart them all and arouse interest for new purposes.

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Rhine river journey

Together with Lodewijk Lenoir I peddled down the Rhine river. From the beginning to the end, from the Swiss city Chur to the Rotterdam harbour. Without decent practise we arrived in Rotterdam after 5 weeks of nature and adventure! 

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