Maarten van der Wolf - film & concept

Hi! I am Maarten, freelance videographer.

I am happy help with your video related projects. I am available for camera, edits and communication strategies.

Want to get in touch? You may transfer me an e-mail and I'll to get back to you soon!


Maarten van der Wolf





De Vorm
Type: Product Teaser
Duration: 0:53

About: Nook is designed as a comfortable lounge chair for hotel lobbies, break-out areas or waiting areas. It's fully customizable - the options are there to make it blend in or stand out in any context.
POD sessions
Type: Interview
Duration: 12:33

About: The POD Sessions is an interview series wherein creators and thinkers share their thoughts on how their work influences our workspace environment and its culture.
UMC Radboud
Type: Portrait
Duration: 2:05

About: A series made to increase the attention and appreciation for local farmers and their products. Broadcasted at hospital beds and the local supermarket.
Casa Foresta
Type: Teaser
Duration: 1:27

About: A brief insight in the work of mushroom expert Edwin Flores. Created to attract new clients to his workshops regarding wild food picking in the Dutch Veluwe region.
Vivre Interieur Authentique
Type: Portrait
Duration: 3:55

About: Ebert Roest is looking for unique items on early markets all over western Europe. A video to reveal the scenery behind the products of his antique shop.